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365体育投注打不开 Wu ronggui authoritarian sheltered workshops Wu ronggui authoritarian predecessor is sheltered workshops ronggui sunshine home for the disabled. In early 2010, in shunde ronggui, street party and government leaders at all levels, under the concern and support of ronggui government street provide site (former east neighborhood site); And Hong Kong wu authoritarian charitable foundation funded renovation, purchase and the introduction of equipment. In 2011, was formally established on May 10, wu ronggui authoritarian sheltered workshops. Wu ronggui authoritarian sheltered workshop building area of 1300 square meters, can accommodate 60 students learning at the same time. Wu ronggui authoritarian state-led sheltered workshops, social participation, civil action, the third party supervision patterns of socialization of operation. Government to purchase service for disabled persons to provide vocational rehabilitation training and coaching, a protected employment and supporting employment. Through Hong Kong wu authoritarian charity aid, affects the social participation of the people's livelihood project, let char...




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